Guiding Amelia Dickerson in the 2013 NYC Marathon

I was totally overwhelmed by meeting and running with Amelia Dickerson in the NYC Marathon, a blind competitive athlete from Colorado who is one of the most determined, unflappable runners I have ever met. Filmmaker Becky Popiel is making a documentary about Amelia called "An Unseen Run." You can see the trailer for the film here; I can't wait to see the finished product.
I wrote a brief account of the experience--really about how totally earth shatteringly amazing it was FOR ME--in Slate. There's a lot to convey that didn't make it into that piece, but I hope I expressed how incredibly amazing Amelia is. 

 Even if there's not an Achilles group in your area or if you're not able to volunteer, please consider donating to support their work. Achilles athletes compete in mainstream athletics and totally kick butt doing so. Amelia finished ahead of tens of thousands of others in the NYC Marathon even though she was tethered to me.