Drive-in Saturday

I joined the Inwood Hill Runners crew this morning for their Saturday morning run. I really like the social aspect of the group and it's great to be exploring new routes. Alex had the idea to run through Riverdale, so we ran up into the still-very-snowy Inwood Hill Park, hunted around for the path to the Henry Hudson Bridge crossing, and headed up into the hills. We passed those cool houses that seem to hang to the cliffs over Spuyten Duyvil and had some great views through their yards to the Palisades across the Hudson. Next time, perhaps I'll remember a camera. I have often wondered about those home overlooking the Hudson and Spuyten Duyvil Creek. They're very cool. Heading north and east, we passed Wave Hill, Riverdale Country School, Fieldston, and Horace Mann. With a few exceptions for new construction monstrosities, the homes in Riverdale are beautiful and timeless. They seemed especially so in the powdery goodness of freshly fallen snow. We meandered back down the hill to Broadway and finished through the park. It was a relaxing, conversational run. 

I decided to augment my morning run with a quicker run down the greenway to meet a friend at the super-awesome Community Food & Juice. I did manage to pick up the pace a bit for my solo outing, but there was so much sow and ice on the path that I had to proceed cautiously. I wasn't quite cautious enough, I guess, as I took a spill around 168th. I rolled though it and seemed to emerge unscathed, but I am left wondering how a grown man manages to fall down while running.