Montrails in the snow

I ran in my new Montrail Mountain Masochist GTXs yesterday. I had to find something with Gore-Tex; these were 50% off at EMS, seemed comfortable, and didn't look too goofy. With sleet/snow forecast for today and my race on Saturday approaching, I planned yesterday as my last sub-8:00 run for the week. I'll do the club run on Thursday night, but that's really just to shake out my legs out before Saturday.

Anyway, the Montrails: other than seeing their shoes at REI over the years, I don't have any background with this brand. I wore them yesterday in some deep slush and icy snow and can now attest to their grippy soles and watertightness. I feared my feet would overheat in the Gore-Tex, but it didn't seem to be an issue. Of course, it was 23 degrees and windy; I imagine these shoes will get tucked away in a month or so when winter finally starts to wane. I know, I know, those who choose to live in the Northeast are not entitled to bitch about its weather. I'll just say how glad I am to have shoes to keep my feet warm.

I didn't hit the pace I hoped for yesterday, but I came close. I've been falling off my mileage totals and pace lately, so I guess it's not a surprise that running more than eight miles each day for the last few days should affect me. It still annoys me to feel as though I really pushed it and still finish with a 7:38 average moving pace. I was confident that I was cruising sub-7:30. I guess my GPS and my internal rhythm need to be synced.

The run itself was my standard route back from Central Park and 84th street. As usual, I doglegged my way over to the greenway by taking whatever traffic light was green. It made for a south-westerly route that allowed me to enter the park at 82nd street and meet the newish pathway just before the promenade. There was a rather strong breeze coming down the Hudson (my jaw was pretty frozen when I got home), but I've put up consistent 7:28s in breeze that strong. I was flagging a bit by mile six and at mile seven my pace slowed to 8:14 as I climbed the grade towards Washington Heights. 

I came off the greenway ready to be home. The Montrails were definitely a success: they gave me decent grip over the ice and snow and my feet were certainly warm. I'd gain a bit of traction with Yaktrax, but I'm not sure it would be worth losing the Gore-Tex and toastiness. Of course, I could wear both....