quick and dirty

All that rain last night made me optimistic about clear paths in Inwood Hill Park. Ha! I realize overnight showers and one 50 degree day are simply not enough to make this mess go away; the paths are still a muddy, slushy mess.

I wanted to maintain a sub-7:25 pace today and my watch indicates my moving average was 7:20. It felt good, although I had to come to a near stop a couple of times to negotiate icy mud puddles. Inwood Hill Park loops are far from my favorite, especially when I can't head up the path into the forest, and my one foray up the path into the trees proved I'd be risking injury to continue. So, round and around I went. I wore shorts for the first time in a few months and the cold on my legs was fantastic (although they were splattered with mud by the end). So, a bit of mud and some slush. Not too bad for January 2.