So that's why they put gore tex in running shoes

I was pretty pleased with myself on Thursday when I made it all the way down to 72nd with dry feet. With a 50 degree booster today, the loads of melting snow had its vengeance. I basically splashed my way south on the same route I took Thursday, zagging a bit across 84th to Amsterdam to make a stop at Super Runner's Shop. Sadly, they were closed for the holiday, but the extra little loop allowed me to hit my ten mile goal and still make it to Fairway without too much tomfoolery. 

For anyone running on city streets south from Inwood, I recommend Bennett Avenue through Washington Heights. Bennett provides a gradual climb its entire ten block length. From there, it's a block west on 181st to Fort Washington and you're pretty much home free all the way to 159th. This street running nonsense is necessary right now because the path down the Hudson is a snowy mess and the route up the south side of Fort Tryon park is treacherously icy: I nearly crashed down that hill on the last leg of my Christmas sixteen miler. After all the snow we had this week, I wouldn't even attempt that path in screw shoes. 

Seems worth noting that it's January 1. I'm excited to be running this year. Hoping I can keep the training schedule reasonable and well balanced with the other life priorities. If I continue running to or from appointments I think I'll be able to maintain my miles without it being too disruptive to those around me. 

While I'm noting things, I recommend the 2008 Haruki Murakami's book, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. I happen to be a Murakami nut, but you'd be hard pressed not to appreciate the observations he makes during his runs. It's not his best writing, but it's his best writing about running....