Steady as she goes

I’ve been dropping nonessential activities lately in a bid to keep up. I guess writing about running isn’t essential; fortunately, while my training has taken a hit, I’ve been able to stay focused enough to keep my miles close to where they need to be. That said, my typical training week has become a bit of a mess. I used to run:

8 – 10 Monday

8 – 10 Tuesday (team track workout + warmup/down)

Rest Wednesday

8 – 10 Thursday (team tempo + warmup/down)

4 – 6 Friday

10 – 12 Saturday

14 – 20 Sunday

Depending on the week, this yielded between 52 and 68 miles. This felt good and was a decent base that I could push beyond or back off from when I wanted or needed to.


Lately, though, I rarely run on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. My typical schedule lately has been:

0 Monday

9 – 11 Tuesday (team track + warmup/down)

0 Wednesday

8 – 10 Thursday morning (“easy tempo”)

10 – 12 Thursday evening (team tempo+ warmup/down)

0  Friday

11 – 13 Saturday (team group run)

14 – 20 Sunday

Again, depending on the week, this yields between 52 and 66 miles. This schedule is problematic, though. Forgetting how crappy it feels to cram all my miles into four days a week, my mileage takes a huge hit when I miss a workout because of family, work, or weather. It’s also a big problem when I have a weekend race that knocks out one or both of my longer runs. This issue will be especially acute through the spring, summer, and fall as my race calendar gets a bit crazy. 

So, even as my running schedule has gone a bit sideways, I do plan to write a bit more in the next few weeks. While I am skipping this Sunday’s Japan Day 4-Miler (why, oh why did I register for a race on Mother’s Day?), I’ll be running the Bronx Community College 10k on Saturday in full race mode. I’ll also be running the Healthy Kidney 10k the next week, although I’m going to do it at my goal half-marathon pace (6:30) rather than my current 10k pace (6:15). All of this leads up to the Brooklyn Half Marathon, a club-points race that I am aiming to run below 1:27. I very much want to break 1:24 in a half before September, but I don’t think I’m prepared to that just yet. I’ll be writing race reports for each of these events, I’d guess, as well as filling in a few entries on my switch from the Asics Gel-Kayano to the New Balance 10 Minimus road shoe and my ambition (and training) to break 3:00 at the NYC Marathon this November.